Want to learn about Bengal Cats?

Then this is place to be. That Bengal Cat is the dedicated site to everything you’ll need and want to know about Bengal Cats, and probably things you didn’t.

Yes, we don’t just scratch the surface…

What is That Bengal Cat all about?

Well… Bengal Cats.

If you’re considering owning one then join us as we delve into what it will take to own this special breed.

Or perhaps you already have one (or more) but want to know what you can do to give your Bengal(s) the best possible life.

How That Bengal Cat Helps You

Many people buy a cat without fully knowing what it takes to own one.

Each breed is different and although traits are often shared, each individual has a unique personality (or if you prefer ‘cat-ality’).

Packed with the latest advice, tips and resources, That Bengal Cat brings together everything we have comprehensively researched  about this beautiful, boisterous breed, so you can make an informed choice about whether a Bengal is right for you.

And for those who already have their own, we’ve reviewed the latest and best products covering diet, play and more. 

We’ve done the research so now we want you to know enough about the breed to be able to say you want  ‘That Bengal Cat.’