The F1 Bengal Cat: A Beginner’s Guide

The F1 Bengal Cat: These magnificent felines, with their striking coats and unique personalities very much retain a wild edge about them. But what exactly are F1 Bengal cats, and how do they differ from their more domesticated counterparts? This guide explores their origins, characteristics, and more… What You […]

The Ultimate Guide to Cat Proofing a Fence

If you’re looking at cat proofing a fence in a garden or yard, in this ultimate guide you’ll discover the main methods and techniques you can employ to keep your feline safe. According to Dr Yuki Hattori in his book, What Cats Want, outdoor cats have a shorter life […]

Marbled Bengal Cats: The Beginner’s Guide

Dive into the captivating world of feline allure with this exclusive guide to marbled Bengal cats. Discover the secrets behind the creation, genetics, and enchanting patterns of these majestic creatures. Uncover the mystique that makes marbled Bengals ideal companions for those seeking a perfect blend of wild elegance and […]

Missing: Part 3

I set to work creating a leaflet which I hoped would lead to Hazel being found by someone locally. It didn’t feel like it would be successful and I was preparing for life without her, but doing something was better that doing nothing. At times like this one tends […]

Missing: Part 2

It was now Sunday morning. Hazel had been gone for at least two whole days and a night. It was time to take further action. Having not been in this situation before, I looked online for advice. Some of this advice included leaving pungent food in favoured spots and […]

Missing: Part 1

The end of summer heading into autumn was a relatively quiet time. Hazel seemed to her enjoy her newfound, albeit limited, freedom and her urine issues ‘dried up.’ But in late October, she went missing. Not Returning Hazel had taken a shine to the outside world. This can be […]

Types of Bengal Cat: The Beginner’s Guide

Bengal cat types are increasingly becoming more diverse. Bengals are one of the relatively new cat breeds having only been accepted by The International Cat Association (TICA) in 1983. Selective Bengal breeding programs have introduced a variety of fur patterns and colours. Many of these of replicate the look […]