The Ultimate Guide to Cat Proofing a Fence

If you’re looking at cat proofing a fence in a garden or yard, in this ultimate guide you’ll discover the main methods and techniques you can employ to keep your feline safe. According to Dr Yuki Hattori in his book, What Cats Want, outdoor cats have a shorter life […]

The Best Bengal Cat Trees [List of 11]

A Bengal cat tree (or should that be Bengal cat cat tree…) is an almost essential item for any Bengal owner. That’s because Bengals are at the higher end of the cat energy spectrum and also love to climb. Let’s take a look at what this article has to […]

The Best Outdoor Cat Houses

This article looks at what goes into making the best outdoor cat house and lists some of those you can currently buy. Many will have no need for an outdoor cat house- those who have indoor cats being the obvious candidates. Indeed, a cat shelter may not feature highly […]

The Best Wet Food For Bengal Cats

What is the best wet food for Bengal cats? A tricky question, as there is quite a lot of conflicting information regarding the best Bengal cat diet. But it does seem the consensus is that wet cat food is better at meeting nutritional needs and keeping your cat healthy […]

Which Bengal Cat Wheel to Buy?[9 of the best]

Considering buying your Bengal cats a wheel? In fact I’m thinking of buying one in the coming months too as Hazel, our boisterous Bengal, loves bounding around the living room of an evening or tends to take out that pent up energy on the landing carpet. And this is […]

List of 7 Bengal Cat Litter Boxes You Can Buy Today

With so many options out there, it can be difficult to know exactly what Bengal cat litter box, or boxes, to buy. Especially for first time owners with a soon to be acquired Bengal kitten. An open tray, hooded, partially enclosed, automatic, top entry, sifting- the list of possibilities […]

The Best Cat Shampoos For All Needs [2022]

This guide looks at the best cat shampoos currently available. At first, it may seem that choosing the right product is simply a matter of “what do I want my cat to smell of?” However, there are a few factors to be taken into account, especially if your cat […]

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It’s playtime. When searching for Bengal cat products, toys will be high on the list. This article looks at the best toys for Bengal cats (and cats in general). Those with a Bengal will already know how inquisitive, playful and energetic they are. Those preparing to get a Bengal […]