Considering buying your Bengal cats a wheel?

In fact I’m thinking of buying one in the coming months too as Hazel, our boisterous Bengal, loves bounding around the living room of an evening or tends to take out that pent up energy on the landing carpet.

And this is something many Bengal owners will know all too well- having a highly energetic cat with no way of successfully being able satisfy its desire to exercise.

This can lead to unwanted, destructive behaviour.

A cat wheel then, could be an effective solution (I’m hoping so at least…)

This article looks at why a cat exercise wheel may help and guides you through some of the main contenders on the market.

But first, I suppose the question we’ve all asked…

Do Bengal Cats Need A Wheel?

Do they need a wheel? No

Do they need exercise? Yes

Do cat wheels offer Bengal cats exercise? Yes

If your Bengal has outside access, shares its home with another cat or pet (which it can play with), shares quality playtime with you for lengthy periods each day, or you take it on regular walks then a cat wheel may not be necessary.

For most of us though, some of these things aren’t possible all of the time or to the levels that are required.

In these circumstances, a cat exercise wheel, although not ‘needed’ as such, would definitely help as exercise is vital for both mental well-being and to ward off disease.

For more on this, please read “How Long Do Bengal Cats Live? 12 Excellent Ways To Boost Life Expectancy.”

Wheels may not be suitable for elderly Bengals or those with certain health problems.

As always, if in doubt, consult a vet.

But what do you need to consider when buying Bengal cats a wheel?

Factors to Consider when Buying Bengal Cats a Wheel

Size: Is important with regards to finding a spot for it in your home and ensuring it is large enough for your cat to use safely, particularly the width of the running track, especially if you own two Bengals.

Stability: An unstable wheel is a health hazard to you and your cat, and may get damaged if it tips over.

Ease of Assembly: This may not be an issue for some, but many will want it up and running (and their cat) as soon as possible. Some wheel websites have posted video assembly guides, or you can find them elsewhere on the web.

Noise: With much running activity likely to be at night, quieter models will be preferential for those sleeping (or trying to sleep) in nearby rooms.

The Presence (or lack of) a Backboard: This impacts on location as no backboard means your Bengal will be able to access the wheel from both sides.

Colour/Appearance: Many will want something as large as a cat wheel to fit in with the look of their home. I very much doubt this aspect of interest to your Bengal however. Some wheel manufacturers offer a variety of set colours or some element of customisation at an increased price.

Price: Can range from a couple of hundred pounds/dollars to in excess of a thousand. Build quality is likely to be reflected in price. Shipping is also likely to be reasonably costly.

So, let’s see what exercise wheels are on the market for your Bengal…

One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel – 5th Gen

Key Features:

  • Quick assembly 
  • Made from recycled plastics 
  • Running surface made from a closed-cell EVA foam to prevent claws from catching
  • Can be cleaned with a hose or wiped down with a wet towel 
  • Open design so cats can enter from either side 
  • Suitable for cats weighing less than 20lbs/9kg
  • Replacement traction pads available in different colours

Sizes (from official website)

Wheel diameter/width: 47”/120cm

Running track width: 11” /28cm

Height: 48”/122cm 

Base: 34” x 12”/86cm x 30.5cm

Assembled dimensions: 48″H x 47″W/122cm x 120cm

Weight: 10kgs         

Notes: The One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel is a popular, widely accessible product. There are some question marks with regards to longevity of the wheel when used heavily and being able to acquire replacement parts.

Check Prices and Reviews on:   

G5 Ferris Cat Wheel

Key Features:

  • Easy assembly
  • Can be used by kittens from 5 weeks old
  • Running track made from 12 EVA 5mm stick on tiles
  • Track colour can be chosen from Black, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Green or in combination
  • Designed for pets up to 25lbs/11.3kgs
  • Made from ABS plastic
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • Open design so cats can enter from either side
  • Wheelbase skate wheels are not exposed for the safety of cats and children on and around the wheel

Sizes (from official website)

Wheel diameter/width: Inner- 48”/122cm, Full- 51”/130cm                          

Running track width: 12.5”/32cm       

Height: 56”/142cm         

Base: 5”/13cm             

Assembled dimensions: 56”H x 51”W/142cm x 130cm

Weight: Approx. 39lbs/18kg                        

Notes:  This wheel has different distributers according to the country you are based in. Comes recommended from a Bengal breeder. If purchasing fromm the USA or Canada please use this link as it’ll help them provide wheels for their cats.

See List of Distributors on:

The Maclaw Wheel

Key Features:

  • Pre-tested by the creator’s own cats
  • Wheel wide enough to allow 2 cats to use at the same time
  • Rubber running surface that’s easy to clean
  • Constructed from wood
  • Suitable for cats up to 26.5lbs/12kg
  • Safety covers over the front and back of the turning mechanism
  • Wall mounted or freestanding designs available
  • Wheel colours are completely customisable
  • Back panel restricts entry from one side only

Sizes- Freestanding (from official website)

Wheeldiameter/width: 48″/122cm               

Running track width: 12″/30.5cm             

Height: 52″/132cm

Base: 36″W x 28″D/91.4cm x 71cm

Assembled dimensions: 52″H x 48″W x 28″D/132cm x 122cm x 71cm

Weight:  (Boxed) 99lbs/45kg                                             

Notes: Exercise wheels handmade by Bengal cat breeders. Greater freedom with colour selection/look comes with a higher premium. Global delivery available but the purchaser pays for shipping.

Check Prices and Reviews on:

Cat in Motion Running Wheel

Key Features:

  • Open design so cats can enter from either side
  • Running track made from EVA foam
  • Frame colour- anthracite (coal coloured) or white
  • Running track/tread colour- anthracite, grey,  light grey, maroon or red
  • Ball bearing rollers to reduce noise when in use
  • Easy to construct and clean

Sizes (from official website)

Wheel diameter/width: 51.5”/131cm                      

Running track width: Not Stated     

Height: 57”/144cm         

Base: Not Stated                                                      

Assembled dimensions: 51.5” H x 57” W x 12” D/131cm x 144cm x 31cm

Weight: Approx. 15.5kg                                 

Notes: Looks very similar to the G5 Ferris Cat Wheel.  The manufacturer also has a range of other cat accessories available on their website. ‘Made with love’- not sure how durable that is…

Check Prices and Reviews on:


Key Features:

  • Track wide enough for 2 cats to use at once
  • Wooden base
  • Non-slip vinyl track
  • Melamine MDF base
  • Wheel constructed with laminated hollow structure plastic and rims are injection moulded high grade plastic
  • Easy to clean and sanitise
  • Sealed ball bearing rollers for smooth, quiet rotation and long running life
  • Wheel colours- green, yellow, red, blue and white, with an additional charge for colours outside of this range

Sizes (from official website)

Wheel diameter/width: (Internal) 48”/122cm     

Running track width: 12”/30.5cm        

Height: 51”/130cm

Base: Not Stated                                                         

Assembled dimensions: 51”H x 49”W/130cm x 125cm

Weight: (Assembled) 27.6lbs/12.5kg

Notes: The wheel website gives instructions on how to apply the different colour films. Base is shipped fully assembled. Made in the USA.  Contact directly for international shipping rates. Videos of the wheel in use are on the website.

Check Price on:

The Cats Wall’s Wheel

Key Features:

  • Track wide enough for 2 cats to use simultaneously
  • Handmade from wood and steel
  • Wall mounted via a wall holder and 4, 8mm screws
  • Can bear 25kg or 55.1lb- or the approximate weight of 2 adult cats
  • Entry from one side only (unless your cat can walk through walls…)

Sizes (from seller)

Wheel diameter/width: 47.2”/120cm      

Running track width: 10.6”/27cm        

Height: N/A- wall mounted

Base: N/A- wall mounted           

Assembled dimensions: (Drum) 47.2” H/W x 11.8” D/120cm x 30cm          

Weight: (Drum) 19lbs/8.7kg (Wall Holder) 5.8lbs/2.5kg

Notes: Exercise wheels and pieces of art. There is supposed to be version with a stand as opposed to just being wall mounted, but I struggled to find it. Numerous reviews speak of it being quiet when in use. Worldwide shipping available

Check Prices and Reviews on:

Hoiru Cat Wheel

Key Features:

  • 14.5” wide running track- wider than most other wheels and suitable for 2 cats
  • Made from birch and scratching felt
  • Solid oak base
  • 30 minutes assembly time approximately
  • Clean wood with damp cloth; fabric surfaces with a lint roller or vacuum cleaner
  • ‘Neutral’ colour scheme

Sizes (from official website)

Wheel diameter/width: (Internal) 39.5”/100cm (External) 42″/107cm

Running track width: 14.5” /37cm

Height: 45”/114cm 

Base: 8.5”H x 35”W x 15.5″D/22.5cm x 89cm x 39cm

Assembled dimensions: 45″H x 42″ W x 15.5″ D/114cm x 107cm x 39cm

Weight: Not stated (not that I could see anyway…)    

Notes: Elegant but expensive.

Check Prices and Reviews on: 

Catswall Design Catwheel II

I was going to mention this cat exercise wheel, but apparently it’s been discontinued by the manufacturer, but a new and improved version is expected later in the year…

Catwheel Towers

I found out there wasn’t much point including these as at the time of writing, they’re only available in South Korea.

Perhaps though, the images will inspire you to contruct your Bengal cats a wheel with adjoining platforms and towers.

Build Your Own Bengal Cat Wheel

If you’re that way inclined and have the necessary time, tools and resources then a DIY cat wheel could well be a more suitable, less costly alternative.

There are lots of guides and video tutorials online. Below are links to a few:

How To Build a Cat Wheel

Step By Step Guide On How To Build A DIY Cat Wheel

Cat Exercise Wheel Device

Do Cats Really Use Cat Wheels?

Some do and some don’t- it all depends on the individual.

Some Bengals may need coaxing with food or a toy; others will take to using a wheel more naturally with or without training.

Most wheel manufacturers state that there are no guarantees your cat will use their particular wheel.

Therefore this may not be accepted as a valid reason to return the item- something to consider before making a purchase, especially with custom made or more expensive models.


Exercise is important for the health of all cats and Bengals especially are noted for their high energy levels.

On those occasions where it may not be possible provide an environment conducive to exercise, a Bengal cat wheel could be the solution.

As we’ve seen there is much to consider, but there should be a model that fits your need and that of your Bengal cat.

Remember: a well exercised cat is likely to be healthier, happier and live longer.

And less likely to rip up parts of your carpet…

So which Bengal cats wheel will you want.. ?

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