It’s playtime. When searching for Bengal cat products, toys will be high on the list. This article looks at the best toys for Bengal cats (and cats in general).

Photo by Andreas Krappweis

Those with a Bengal will already know how inquisitive, playful and energetic they are.

Those preparing to get a Bengal will soon find out how inquisitive, playful and energetic they are.

It is vital that your cat’s needs are met through play if it is to be happy and if you want to keep wallpaper from being torn off your wall (it can happen…) or your slippers being violated.

This guide looks at the best toys for Bengal cats currently available to buy, with a few notable, additional inclusions plus toys I have purchased for my own cat.

But in fact, you don’t have to buy too much- which is why I’ve included a section at the end about free toys.

Before all that, let’s take a look at why play is so important…

Why Do Bengal Cats Need To Play?

The Bengal cat breed was formed when a domestic cat was crossed with an Asian Leopard Cat.

Most pet Bengals are a few generations from this original cross, but can still retain in terms of appearance and behaviour, that ‘wild cat’ side to them that perhaps many other domestic breeds have lost.

All cats enjoy play and replicating ‘the hunt’, but because of their closer genetic ties to their wild ancestors, the requirement for play and stimulation for a Bengal cat may be that bit greater.

Play Improves And Maintains Physical Condition

Certain types of play will have your cat haring around, essentially chasing nothing more than fabric on a stick.

But running, climbing and jumping increase heart rate and burn off calories, helping to stave of obesity and subsequent disease.

Additionally a well exercised cat with a healthy body weight is likely to live longer (see How Long Do Bengal Cats Live? 12 Excellent Ways To Boost Life Expectancy).

Regular physical exercise is especially important for house cats that don’t get to experience stalking and chasing outside.

And don’t forget, certain types of play offer a workout for both you and kitty.

Play Prevents Poor Mental Health

We’ve all seen the sad sight of a big cat in a zoo pacing up and down in its cage or compound.

“Fit body, fit mind,” is as true for cats as it is humans.

Play and exercise that keep your Bengal in peak physical condition as a side effect, will keep it mentally sharp also.

Play prevents boredom (and the possibility of destructive behaviour around the home) and helps your kitten learn about itself and the world.

Additionally, there are toys and games you can buy specifically designed to test your feline’s cognitive ability.

Playing With Your Bengal Cat Helps You Bond

The advantages are mutual.

Your cat will see you as a source of fun and stimulation (or certainly the thing that’s attached to the source of stimulation), and you will gain its trust.

In return, you will share experiences and learn about your pet- this could come in beneficial if there is a sudden change of behaviour, which may signify some underlying problem.

What Toys Do Bengal Cats Like?

These fit broadly into two categories- Interactive and Independent.*

*it’s worth noting here that my definition (and those of other cat owners) of interactive seems to differ from some of those used by toy sellers- you will see interactive meaning a toy that cats interact with on their own.

Photo by Andreas Krappweis

However, there can be an overlap.

Interactive toys require human input, that is, you actively using the cat toy to play with your cat. The most obvious of these are the wand and fishing rod style toys.

Interactive cat toys provide your cat with the most variety and as you’re involved, it’s where the bit about bonding comes in.

Independent toys usually require no human input other than perhaps being switched on if they are electronic.

They are usually on the pricier side, and cats can get bored of them fairly quickly if they are too repetitive, but they are convenient as they can entertain your cat if you’re busy or simply not around.

Interactive and Independent toys are those that can be thrown for your Bengal cat to chase, pounce on and ‘kill’.

If left, a Bengal will also play with these on their own.

Toys that fall into this category are stuffed toys, those with catnip and other ‘throwables’ like springs.

How I did My Research or ‘Method’

Before looking at the list of best toys for Bengal cats, just a brief word about the method I’ve used to select them.

I’ve only looked at products rated 4 stars and above, and any that had the same rating, I opted for the one with the most reviews (the ‘wisdom of the crowd‘ theory).

I’ve used Amazon as the standard as this usually provides the most reviews and greater range of products.

However, if the same item is available from other well-known retailers, I’ve linked to these too.

Summarised are key features listed by the seller or manufacturer- but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re entirely accurate of course.

Now let’s get the toys out…

Best Interactive Cat Toys For Bengal Cats

YYOJ 11 Piece Retractable Teasing Stick Cat Toy with Bells and Feathers 

Key Features:

  • Made of natural materials
  • 11-piece interactive feather toy set includes 5 colourful feathers, 1 retractable cat stick, 3 caterpillars, and 2 long feathers.
  • Cat stick can be adjusted from 39-100cm in length.
  • Most feathers have bells attached.

Notes: The mainstay of interactive cat play and arguably the best toys for Bengal cats. Lots of types of these toys are available, but this was a well rated set by cat owners. I don’t care what anyone claims- your Bengal will rip the feathers out eventually.

Pawaboo Feather Teaser Cat Toy

Key Features:

  • Long reach flexible wire (31.5”/80cm).
  • One extra feather replacement.
  • Colourful feathers with small bell on the tip.
  • Non-toxic natural feathers to entice your cat into playing.
  • Comes in 2 colours- Brown or Wine Red and White.

Notes: If looking for a single wand-eque cat toy then this comes out top. More like a rod, it’s length will come in handy if you fancy a sit down whilst entertaining and watching your cat play. The replacement feathered end will get used, although the 11 piece set probably offers better value.

SUOXU LED  Pointer

Key Features:

  • Slide button so no need to permanently press it to use.
  • 7 in 1 design- 5 laser patterns plus UV and white light (a torch or flashlight basically).
  • Charge via USB.
  • High-quality stainless steel shell.
  • Weather resistant.

Notes: I can vouch for the effectiveness of the laser pointer as an interactive toy.

Never have I seen my Bengal cat so worn out after chasing nothing more than a red dot she’s never going to catch.

But therein lies a potential problem.

She looked kind of dejected afterwards, perhaps as there was no satisfaction in getting a ‘kill’. Maybe use sparingly and in combination with something your Bengal can get its claws and teeth into.

Laser pointers or pens are also helpful at getting cats off furniture or anywhere else you don’t want them to be.

Best Independent Play Cat Toys For Bengal Cats

NaCot Dancing Fish USB Cat Toy

Key Features:

  • Contains replaceable catnip sachet.
  • Made of tear-resistant short plush with filled polypropylene (PP) cotton. The toy is soft, fluffy and pleasant to the touch, can be readily squeezed, is easy to clean and does not hurt your cat’s paw.
  • Built-in removable USB charger.

Notes: Pretty simple- switch it on and off you, or more accurately, kitty goes. Catnip wears off in time, so a second sachet is included. There are plenty of fish in the Amazon as it were, just different brands of the same cat toy all roughly the same price.

Petstages Catnip Chase Track Cat Toy

Key Features:

  • Designed with bright green colours and peek-a-boo openings to entice your cat to develop positive play habits as they bat and paw at the spinning ball along the circular track.
  • Includes a catnip refill.
  • Easy to clean- can be hand washed with warm water and mild soap. Rinse with water and air dry before refilling with catnip.

Notes: Being encouraged to chase balls around tracks seems to be quite a popular style of cat toy. This one comes in three different varieties that differ a little in price.

Cat Dancer 252 Cat Toy      

Key Features:

  • Mount to the wall with the included adhesive paw for independent play.
  • Made of spring steel wire and rolled cardboard.
  • Home tested and approved by over 8 million cats; great for exercise and stimulation.
  • Can function as a traditional wand for interactive play with your cat.

Notes: Although the product states it can be used for interactive play- this would make the cat dancer a ‘wand’ type toy, so it’s included soley in the independent play category.

The bulk of the reviews, including some videos, demonstrate the lone play element.**

**Whilst putting together this article, I decided to by one myself. It seems quite pricey for what you get, however Hazel seems to enjoy it, providing it’s set at the right height. Otherwise it’s a look, miaow and walk away.

Best Interactive And Independent Play Cat Toys For Bengal Cats

Yeowww Tin Of Stinkies in a Sardine Tin Cat Toy

Key Features:

  • Filled with 100% organically grown american catnip.
  • No cotton or polyester fillings.
  • Made with heavy duty cotton and coloured using only natural vegetable or based colours.

Notes: Your Bengal cat will happily bat these about and crazily roll around trying to ‘kill’ them. Additionally, they’ll run after them if you throw them and maybe even bring them back to you.

There are a host of these types of toys on Amazon but these were the pick of the bunch.

What is Catnip? Catnip is herb of the mint family which contains an active compound that can temporarily alter behaviour in some cats. It may make some more relaxed and ‘happy’; others more energetic and playful.  

AIMICOCA Cat Spring Toy (60 Pack)

Key Features:

  • Bright, multicoloured springs.
  • Made from non-toxic materials.
  • Safe, strong, flexible plastic.
  • Size approximately 4.5cm x 2.5cm, 1.8″ x 1″ (length increased when stretched).

Notes: Springs? Cats? Are you mad? I would never have guessed it either, but our Bengal loves these.

She happily bats them across the tiled floor and they zip along like a hockey puck on ice. She’ll even spontaneously bring them to us for a game of fetch.

A multipack might be a good idea as they tend to get lost fairly readily.

Lots of different brands are available with different prices containing different numbers of springs.

Jcheupet 17pc Assorted Cat Toys

Key Features:

  • Set includes wool balls, catnip feather pineapple, paper rope balls and feather mice. 
  • Made from non-toxic materials and non-toxic dye.
  • Comes with storage bag.

Notes: This set is similar to the stuffed toys filled with catnip, but contains a more varied range. Perhaps a bit on the pricey side despite the good reviews.

Notable Inclusion

MIBOTE 24 Piece Cat Toy Set

Key Features:

  • Comes with cat tunnel, cat teaser wand, catnip fish, various interactive feather toys, fluffy mouse, crinkle balls bells and storage bag.
  • Collapsible tunnel – folds down in seconds.
  • Fish are filled with PP cotton and catnip.
  • Non-toxic, safe to use.

Notes: A little bit of everything here, and a good way to determine type of toy your cat is into- although I’m sure your cat’s breeder can help with that.

Toys We Use (in addition to those already mentioned)

Bojafa Cat Catnip Chew Toys

Key Features:

  • Durable cotton linen.
  • Stuffed with soft PP cotton and natural catnip.

Notes: Our Bengal Hazel (who we assume is typical of other Bengal kittens) went crazy for these cat toys- furiously rolling around, biting and bunny kicking them.

After a while the first one we gave her had the stuffing quite literally knocked out of it.

The other two didn’t succumb to the same fate- either the novelty had worn off or the catnip had. Hiding them in cupboard for a while reintroduced that novelty value. For a short period at least.

They come in a pack of 3 or 5.

PetSafe SlimCat Food-Dispensing Cat Toy

Key Features:

  • Holds up to 2/3 cup of dry cat food.
  • Adjustable openings for faster or slower feed.
  • Easy to clean- top rack dishwasher safe.
  • Fits most treat sizes.
  • Two year manufacturer’s warranty.

Notes: We don’t it use very often as she tends to play until she realises it’s empty and we only put in a handful of treats. It works well, though you will need a decently sized room to get the most out of it I think. We have the blue version but in comes in multiple colours.

Free Toys Or Making Your Own

Cats aren’t entirely like children.

They won’t succumb to targeted advertising, the latest craze, or want what next door’s cat’s got (well maybe its food).

So this means cat owners DON’T HAVE TO spend lots of money on cat toys to keep their cat happy.

In fact, some of the best ways of entertaining a Bengal are pretty much free and may just require a touch of creativity.

We bought our Bengal kitten an expensive track and ball (see A Bengal Cat In The Bag).

After putting it together, it would get played with for around 5 minutes. i.e. less time that it took for us to set the thing up.

Turns out, she’d rather play with a piece of sturdy plastic.

And she’s not once asked about the track. Or the ball.

Sturdy cardboard boxes are also well loved.

The beauty here is you can in effect, make modular buildings, by adding new boxes of varying size, cutting holes in them and fitting them together in different ways.

When kitty gets board, you can just reconfigure them.


Your Bengal cat (and Bengal kittens especially) will need to be entertained, probably more often than a regular domestic cat.

This list has highlighted the best toys for Bengal cats (at the time of writing) in each of the main categories, but by no means is comprehensive- there will be many others at varying price points that will do the job.

Finding out what cats love is a case of trial and error, and inevitably like us, they will get bored of playing with the same things.

Tip: Put toys away once your cat has finished playing with them. This will make them a little more ‘new’ when you bring them out again. Rotate those you leave out for your Bengal to play with to keep things fresh.

Injecting something new and exciting doesn’t have to be expensive as indeed there are plenty of ways you can entertain your cat cheaply or for free.

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