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Read on to find out what it’s like to be a first time Bengal cat owner- from an emotional and practical sense, I describe the highs, lows and all that’s in between.

Female Bengal Kitten For Sale

Owning a kitten should be a fun experience for both parties, but the reality can be different. This post explains why our relationship with Hazel had become strained and what lead us to regrettably put her up for sale… Read More

The Cat, The Car and The Carrier

As Hazel’s ‘neutering day’ was approaching, we thought we’d get her used to the carrier and car to make the day as stress free as possible… Read More

Heat Is On

At 6 months old Hazel started to display signs of being in heat. This meant having her neutered with an increased sense of urgency. But there was a problem… Read More

You Can Take A Bengal Cat To Water…

Bathing Hazel was never really a consideration, so when we did, we perhaps didn’t plan ahead as much as we should have done. Still, you can maybe learn from our mistakes… Read More

A Bengal Cat (Un)Leashed

This post discusses Hazel’s first real taste of the outside world, what harness we used, plus how she was leash trained and how successful we were at taking her out on the street for a walk… Read More

Living With A Bengal Kitten- Hazel’s First Month

The reality of living with a Bengal kitten for a month including how she’s adapted to life, the affect she’s had on our routine and how we now feel… Read More

What We Now Feed Our Bengal Cat. And What She Drinks

Our pet Bengal cat’s diet has changed since we first acquired her. Read on to discover why this is and what we now give her to eat (and drink)… Read More

Teaching A Bengal Kitten Its Name (click, click)

It was time for Hazel to learn her name. Find out how initial training went and what method we used… Read More

Hazel’s First Week (or so)

Read about a Bengal kitten’s first week in her new home- her energy levels, routine and whether there were any ‘accidents’… Read More

Collection Day or Welcome Hazel

A new arrival- our Bengal cat Hazel. Find out how collection day went and what we did to ease her into her new home… Read More

A Bengal Cat In The Bag

How we prepared for the arrival of our Bengal kitten including what we purchased, what room we used and what went into it… Read More

Firefly Girl

Read about our video call with ‘Hotfuzz Bengals’ and how the cat in the photo lead us to one… Read More

Stormborn Bengals

Find out how our first ever visit to a breeder went and what happened when we first saw Veena, the Bengal kitten, or more accurately, when she first saw us… Read More

Research; Search

What we were looking for in the ideal Bengal cat, what we discovered whilst researching and how we searched for one. Yes, the laptop gives some of it away… Read More

A Bit of Background

Why we chose a Bengal cat as a pet and the relevance of the rabbit in this, the first blog post from That Bengal Cat… Read More