That was still very much the question.

Naturally I was very annoyed after the laptop incident (see ‘Female Bengal Kitten For Sale‘) and felt Hazel had to go.

However, by the next morning, my feelings had changed.

This did not mean we would not sell her- indeed we did place an advert (below).

It did mean we would wait and see whether someone suitable could offer her a home and reflect on our behaviour and the environment we were providing.

Allowing her to fully recover from surgery and regrow her fur gave us the perfect opportunity to do this.

The Retired Couple

Hazel naturally attracted attention quite quickly as I’m sure many Bengal kittens do.

A retired couple stood out as potential suitors.

They could perhaps dedicate more time to her then we could and had a large, secure garden to play in.

Additionally, they already owned a Bengal cat, along with a dog which they looked after now and again- a combination that can work well (see ‘6 Reasons Why A Bengal Cat and Dog Can Get Along’).

So they had experience of owning pets and more importantly, owning a Bengal.

But this was also a potential problem.

Adult Bengals can be very territorial so there was some concern as to whether the current incumbent would accept any new arrival.

Other Interest

Many were more concerned about price and by that, I mean getting us to lower it.

These people may well have proved suitable Bengal cat owners, but going straight in with a negotiation over cost wasn’t going to win us over.

Things with Hazel hadn’t gone as hoped, but who to sell her to was an important decision and we wanted the best for all concerned.

When thought about on a deeper level, it seemed unfair on her- her life was in our hands with no guarantee it would be better for her if she moved on.

She was oblivious to it all of course, content enough, innocently playing with artificial feathers.

Which was better than her scratching up carpet…

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