This is a follow up on two fronts.

The first- Hazel’s check-up with the vet following her being neutered.

The second- on what happened after we put her up for sale.

Follow Up: Check Up

In the interim period, Hazel acted normally (well, for her at least).

This was demonstrated on the way to the vets where she somehow managed to escape her cat carrier.

She also gained the nickname ‘chicken leg’ owing to the patch of bare skin on display after having her fur shaved off.

Anyway, according to the vet, her wound was healing well and didn’t need any attention.

Good news.

Follow Up: To Sell or Not to Sell?

We had to make a decision.

Not only for our benefit, but for those waiting on a decision and ultimately, for hers.

Although, as I’d mentioned in the post ‘To Sell or Not to Sell?’ my anger at her having effectively broken my laptop (amongst all the other damage and problems mentioned in that blog post) more or less subsided by morning.

But we had to be realistic with how we felt and equally, realistic with our expectations in terms of owning a Bengal.

Ultimately, we decided to keep her.

The Reasons

Firstly, although it’s hard to attribute blame to a kitten (but we still did), there was no ‘intent’ on her behalf, and it seemed unfair on her to move her on after only a few months.

We also felt that even though we had researched keeping a Bengal kitten, we perhaps didn’t fully anticipate what it would be like, even though we’d both had experience of owning cats before.

We both wanted a smart, independent, inquisitive breed and so perhaps the side-effects are some of the negative things we’ve mentioned previously- something we should have perhaps taken into account.

Reflecting on our own behaviour, we had to be more careful (certainly with water and electronics) when she was around, but also expect that certainly, with her still being relatively young, that accidents will happen and so we had to do what we can to reduce the possibility off any major incidents occurring.

The thought of her going was also quite upsetting and I think we’d have felt that we’d failed had we sold her.

So she was staying, and onto the next chapter- and a refurbished laptop.

The measures we’d put in place- check- if not already mentioned, out in the next post- Taking her out on a leash more/walks and what happened- getting tangled up etc. Escaping it

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