Honesty is important.

I haven’t tried or tested any of those I’ve selected, although I do disclose in/at the end of articles and guides if I did buy or do use any.

I’ve used Amazon as the standard as this usually provides the most reviews and greater range of products.

However, if the same item is available from other well-known retailers, I’ve linked to these too.

Any that are affiliate links are also mentioned- again to be as transparent as possible.

I’ve only looked at products rated 4 stars and above, and ranked them in order of those with the highest rating at the time of writing (by ‘harnessing’ the ‘wisdom of the crowd‘ theory).

This is because products with fewer reviews can be more heavily influenced by fake or extremes at either end of the scale.

I’ve summarised key features stated by the seller or manufacturer- but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re entirely accurate of course.

Obviously, determining ‘the best’ anything (in ‘best’ items guides), is somewhat subjective and there are many permutations- you may be after a particular size or colour.

However, the guides and articles on this site should provide a good starting point. Online line shopping offers ease and convenience, but do try and support your local business where possible.