Teaching A Bengal Kitten Its Name (click, click)

We wanted to expose Hazel to some basic training early on- not that there would be any extensive training as such afterwards. No written exam or anything- she can’t even get her paws around a pen. No, we simply wanted to train her to come when called and as Bengal […]

Silver Bengal Cats: The Definitive Guide

In this article, we’re going to look at all aspects of silver Bengal cats. When researching the different colours and patterns to be found in the Bengal breed, it can be hard to determine what exactly defines a silver Bengal. Plus there are questions relating to size and cost […]

Hazel’s First Week (or so)

Hazel’s first week encompassed Christmas, which can be quite busy, but for obvious reasons wasn’t so. It actually worked out quite well, as it meant we could give her more consistency which was better with regards to her settling in. And settle in she did. In fact, by day […]

Collection Day or Welcome Hazel

It had arrived, as most days tend to. The updates from Basia (our breeder) in terms of videos and photographs certainly helped build anticipation which is perhaps why we arrived a little early. It was a pretty brief exchange- due to circumstances, although there was time for a quick […]

The Best Toys For Bengal Cats [2024]

It’s playtime. When searching for Bengal cat products, toys will be high on the list. This article looks at the best toys for Bengal cats (and cats in general). Those with a Bengal will already know how inquisitive, playful and energetic they are. Those preparing to get a Bengal […]

A Bengal Cat In The Bag

Of course we decided to take Firefly Girl. The decision was pretty easy and made early, but we left it a couple of days just because we’re cautious people. With the deposit paid and the cat in the bag, so to speak, next was preparing for her arrival. We […]

Bengal Rosetted Patterns: The Beginner’s Guide

In this article, we’re going to look the various Bengal rosetted patterns that have appeared in the Bengal cat breed due to selective breeding over recent decades. These rosetted Bengal patterns fall into distinct categories, with consistency and uniformity of one pattern on one animal hard to achieve. When […]

Firefly Girl

I wasn’t particularly keen on the idea of a video call due to the limitations it puts on you. The strikingly obvious one being that you don’t actually meet the kitten you intend to buy. But this was the only option due to Covid-19 restrictions and still, it was […]