Living With A Bengal Kitten- Hazel’s First Month

Although we are actually further down the line, many of you will perhaps be wondering what life is like, for both a Bengal kitten and its owners, after a month. It’s important to note we can only talk of our experiences and not all Bengals will be the same […]

What We Now Feed Our Bengal Cat. And What She Drinks

Naturally, we continued initially to feed Hazel the diet she was used to- that was raw food (like the tubs shown here) alongside tinned with occasional dry kitten food. However, whilst researching for and writing a food based section in the article ‘How Long Do Bengal Cats Live? 12 Excellent Ways To Boost Life […]

The Best Cat Shampoos For All Needs [2022]

This guide looks at the best cat shampoos currently available. At first, it may seem that choosing the right product is simply a matter of “what do I want my cat to smell of?” However, there are a few factors to be taken into account, especially if your cat […]