The Cat, The Car and The Carrier

Before Hazel’s trip to the vet, we thought it might be a good idea to get her used to the car and carrier again. It had been 4 months since she experienced both so we thought establishing a little familiarity may help with reducing stress levels on the day. […]

13 of the Best Cats for Apartments and Small Homes

This article looks at what could be considered the best cats for apartments or those with smaller abodes. Thoughts of owning a cat drift towards an animal lazing around grooming itself, curled up in a basket or on a human’s lap, fast asleep. All though these may be accurate […]

Heat Is On

As Hazel was approaching the 6 month old mark, the time had come for her to be neutered. But there was a problem. Due to Covid restrictions, the earliest we could get an appointment was a month or so after her 6 month birthday. This wasn’t ideal, but we had […]

Which Bengal Cat Wheel to Buy?[9 of the best]

Considering buying your Bengal cats a wheel? In fact I’m thinking of buying one in the coming months too as Hazel, our boisterous Bengal, loves bounding around the living room of an evening or tends to take out that pent up energy on the landing carpet. And this is […]